Akiing update

Many of us are realizing that the solutions to our global problems must be solved at the local level.  Honor the Earth supports work nationally and internationally to move our societies towards a sustainable and beautiful future. Much of this work is in rebuilding local Indigenous economies, and creating a web of like minded tribal and non-tribal allies omaa akiing,  “here on this land.” This year, we launched new initiatives to move towards the 8th Fire. With the support of generous donors we have purchased a 40 acre parcel on the edge of Ponsford. There, our 8th Fire Akiing initiative is launching. (https://www.akiing.org/)

“If we choose this path, a new people comprised of all colors will be formed. The new people will remember the original teachings of how we live with all the beings on this earth, and they will help guide those who have forgotten,”  

Sandy Gokee, Anishinaabe Historian and Water Protector.

Localized Clean Energy: We would like to have the sun heat our houses, not the fossil fuels. Over the past few years, we have found that Solar Thermal Heating helps make this possible.   We’ve installed 12 solar thermal air furnace systems on tribal housing. The systems can produce up to 4.5 million British Thermal Units (BTUs) per Minnesota winter, reducing reliance on delivered fossil fuels by 20-40%.  We are now in the midst of completing the building for our Solar Thermal Manufacturing, and hope to be producing solar panels for sale nationally and internationally by the Spring. In the meantime, we installed a 20kW solar photovoltaic array at the Pine Point School, reducing their carbon emission and providing a great educational tool and model for the path forward. We’ve obtained a license to manufacture the RREAL Solstice solar thermal air furnace systems.


Our Allies:   Two musical groups, BORN and Stars, will be donating $1 for every ticket they sell toward the purchase of an industrial glass washer and forklift. Over the next year we will continue working with our partners in planning a wind-solar hybrid community energy system, low-income solar gardens, and a microgrid for our Akiing campus. We also continue our work on tribal energy policy and green jobs training. Thanks to our partners at RREAL, Trees Water People, Solar Bear and Juhl Energy, and to CERTs, WCIF, MN DEED, The Mennonite Foundation, Cloud Mountain Foundation, PLUS1 and other generous donors.





Oozhitoon Onishishin: To make it Beautiful.

Announcing screen printing for the people!  We are now proud to offer our services as custom screen printers. We specialize in creative and quality design and production, featuring the work of our Anishinaabe people, in an integrated printing program.  



We are excited to announce we have launched our new screen printing operations, beading, sewing and culture fashion at Pine Point.

We worked really hard over the Holiday Season to bring amazing cultural artwork to gifts and garments. In our art we demonstrated celebration of our “Water Protectors,” who are everywhere working hard to protect the lands, and water.

We are very excited and cannot wait to show you what we will continue to bring through out the coming years. New and fresh ideas, cultural iconic clothing collection pieces, beadwork, embroidered patches and so much more. We are expanding our youth collection line as well.

Christi Belcourt with Isaac Murdoch of the Onaman Collective have graciously with generosity gifted Honor the Earth their amazing artwork to share with the world and help support Water Protectors.

New online virtual gift cards are now available .. they never expire.

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