To the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, State Legislators, and Governor Mark Dayton:

Please deny the proposed route for Enbridge’s Sandpiper and Line 3 Replacement Pipeline corridor, and consider alternative routes as well as a no pipeline option.  The corridor would cross water and land in northern Minnesota of great biodiversity, including 137 public lands, 76 public waterways, and the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Those lands will be harmed.  At particular risk are the primary wild rice beds and fishieries in Minnesota used in perpetuity by the Anishinaabeg people and protected by federal treaty.  Enbridge has had over 800 spills in 10-years, including the Kalamazoo Spill in 2010, and the risk is too great for our lakes and our people.  There is no public need for these pipelines, their risks, or their destructive social impacts at sites of extreme extraction in North Dakota and Alberta and toxic refineries in urban areas.  It’s time to transition to renewable energy and invest in green jobs.  Deny the permit.

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David Martinez
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Sydney Johnson
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