At the December Board meeting, Honor the Earth released $90K in new grants to Indigenous Organizations across the U.S. in addition to $40k granted prior.  The grants range from the work to protect sacred ceremonial grounds and traditions to the repatriation of Ojibwe birchbark scrolls.  “This year’s grants are particularly focused on protection of sacred sites, and the continuation of strong cultural traditions in our Native communities,” Board of Directors Co-Chair Shannon Martin (Potawatami/Anishinaabe) said.

  View our press release profiles of our new grantees here

“We are very pleased to be able to join with communities protecting their sacred sites, encouraging and nurturing their youth, and restoring cultural traditions,” Board Co-chair Paul DeMain said. These continue to be trying times for Native peoples, as the industrial economy, often working through some of the largest polluters in the world, continues to threaten what remains of ecosystems and watersheds. Some 75 percent of the world’s biodiversity remains in Indigenous territories, and many