Letters to Enbridge

Honor the Earth's co-founder and Executive Director, Winona LaDuke, has been writing to the the CEO and President of Enbridge, Inc., Al Monaco, for several years.

The letters are written in the now-classic style of "Roger and Me" -- Michael Moore's letters to the head of General Motors, Roger Smith, and the related situations depicted in the film of the same name.

Mr. Monaco has yet to reply.

2020: Dear Al

It’s raining on January 1, 2020, and that’s what climate change looks like in Minnesota, along with a good deal of torrential flooding which impacts our world, and yours. Australia is burning to the ground, the Amazon is on fire, and it’s unlivable in cities now faced with extreme heat waves. We all can do something, now that we all have blood on our hands. I want to wash mine off.

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