Abiinooji Aki Annual Christmas Basket Fund Drive project


Boozhoo Friends!!

I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and friends. Here, we will be having time with family and in ceremony.  Our lodge has our fall ceremonies over the Thanksgiving weekend and we are grateful and blessed to be able to come together.

I am coming to you and your Friends with a request for donations to help the needy families of LCO.  We need help…

For the last 38 years A.A.I. has been providing a food and new toys project for the families on the reservation who are in dire need of something to eat and new toys for their children for the Holidays. There are many who have empty cupboards here at LCO.  In 1980 we began with 2 baskets and last year we handed out baskets to 35 families.

We sure get busy this time of year with our work with Women and Water and other projects. This is one project that cannot be left to the side. It means so much to the families that we serve, and the community of volunteers that participate in this very important project. I received a call from the LCO Police Department and a couple of volunteers who would like to help again because they felt so fulfilled after helping us last year. (We filled 38 big boxes with a full turkey dinner, fixings, breads, cereals, eggs, meats, can goods and a lot of extras for their New Year’s dinner plus gave out new toys for over 175 children). We had 6 women from the various tribal programs who helped us shop and pack baskets and then the LCO PD was here to deliver them all.

Please help us help the families who are having a hard time making ends meet, families who have had a recent death, family’s without work or just beginning a new job, single parent or Grandparent family’s (grandparent taking care of grandchildren or great grandchildren) and then there are families who are just beginning a life of sobriety.  We try to help those families in recovery, to support them during this holiday season, for some it is a very tough time.

We need: 30 Turkeys( 10-15lbs), 10 Hams(4-5lbs), Stuffing, pie mix and filling, salad fixings (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes), dressing, cake mix, frosting, Jell-O, pudding, yams and cranberries (canned or fresh),  gravy mixes, can goods, veggies, sugar, butter, coffee, teas, hot chocolate, meats (hamburger, bacon, sausages, etc.), fruits, cereals, milk, eggs,  breads,  nuts, candy etc. etc.  We have found it takes $200.00 to fill a basket for a 5- 8 member family.

The US Marines usually helps by giving us over 150 new toys and our friends from out East send us some also. Good ideas for community toy drives are local businesses, place of employment, local banks, and community organizations.

If perishable items please let me know and I will see that they get here. We need donations before the 22nd of December.  We usually shop early on the 23rd, fill the baskets and they are delivered by 8pm that night. Right now I am planning a trip on the 21st of December to pick up food in Chicago.

If there is any question or confusion please feel free to contact me.

All donations are tax deductible, if anyone needs our Tax Exempt number please let me know.

This is a big Miigwetch for helping us to help others have a good X-mas.


Please mail any monetary contributions to

Abiinooji Aki,

P.O. Box 444

Hayward, WI 54843


If you are shipping anything by UPS, our shipping address is:

Abiinooji Aki,

8794N Round Lake Schoolhouse Rd

Hayward, WI  54843


If you collect food and toys to fill a vehicle, we can make a trip to pick them up.

Feel free to contact Abiinooji Aki, for any further information or to schedule pick-ups.



Chi Miigwech for your time and great kindness,

Maryellen Baker

Abiinooji Aki, Cultural Healing Center

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