#Enbridge seeks #IndianWhisperer in a #dirtyscheme to push its #OilAgenda on Native people #StopThePipeline #NoKXL

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The North Country can be cold and a little lonely during the winter. As the Indigenous people of this region we have special knowledge of this, and have usually prepared for the weather by snagging a partner to keep the other side of the bed warm. Well, it turns out that for all their money and status The Enbridge Oil Company’s personal ad for its own Indian Whisperer isn’t getting many responses – and they’re looking at a loooong winter ahead. Now, we know they weren’t so popular after proposing to put the Sandpiper Pipeline through the best wild rice lakes in Ojibwe territory…and that whole bringing a million barrels of oil per day through our reservations on Line 9 “Switcheroo” without consulting with tribal governments wasn’t such a sweet move, but, ya know, you gotta feel a little bad for them.

They’re getting desperate to find that special Indian to whisper sweet nothings to our community about the benefits of oil, and have extended their job application deadline (twice now). So, because we are welcoming people, we decided to help them out by prospecting for them.  

Read our letter to Governor Dayton HERE.

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