Winona LaDuke, Honor the Earth, joins Attorney General Keith Ellison and allies in announcing lawsuit against big oil companies


Minnesota Sues Exxon and Koch Industries for ’30-Year Campaign of Deception’ on Climate

The state is the latest on a growing list of local governments hoping to hold the fossil-fuel industry accountable for the climate crisis

We support AG Ellison’s efforts to hold these corporate polluters accountable. Minnesota has a proud history of holding Big Tobacco and Big Pharma accountable for harming public health. Now the state is rightfully taking on these corporate polluters for harming our state’s climate and lying about it.

Quote: Attorney General Keith Ellison via @AGEllison Jun 24

For decades, the fossil-fuel industry knew their products were harming MN. They had duty to tell us. Instead, they led a campaign of #climatedeception that hurt our state & left us with massive costs. Today, I sued to hold them accountable for their fraud.

Video of the Press Conference announcing Consumer Protection Lawsuit Exxon, Koch Industries, and American Petroleum Institute

Click here to view the Press Conference

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