Amy's Blog: Day 1 in Montana with IGs, Winona and 'Women Donors'


Indigo Girls and Honor The Earth’s Winona LaDuke have headed up to Montana to host members of the Women Donors Network on a tour of some of Montana’s Native communities. We will be visiting with folks and learning about their sustainable energy projects, cultural restoration and the struggles against continuing coal development.

We will be specifically looking at the Tar Sands Oil development in Alberta Canada and the proposed pipelines that are slated to run through Montana. Honor The Earth has supported many front line Native environmental groups in Montana, so we will also be revisiting these groups and their work.

Winona started everyone out with a morning briefing I like to call Environmental Justice 101.

It was an inspiring way for us to begin our trip. The women of the WDN are amazing radical thinkers and philanthropists who have been behind an impressive array of projects. We initially met a few of the members of the WDN during a benefit for the Montana Human Rights Network and Honor the Earth. A discussion was had and we started plotting to unite the IGs, HTE, and WDN in Montana to look at the diversity of issues that are here at ground zero of fossil fuel development and Native activism.

You might say the WDN has sort of flown under the radar, but it doesn’t take long to discover the brain and heart power that lies within the network. We are totally psyched to be hanging around with them and showing them a bit of what we care about.  We’re also learning a lot about organizing and activism from them.

You can also check out this article in the Missoulan about the events we're taking part in this weekend.

Check out some of Winona's Environmental Justice 101 below and remember that you can help us support this work right now simply by clicking here to donate to Honor the Earth today.

Peace, Amy.

PS I took a great run today, right where I wrote the song Bitterroot River. I took the above photo while I was out there.

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