Bringing Wind to the White Earth Reservation

It's important that we walk our talk here in our own territory of Minnesota. That's why we are partnering with White Earth Land Recovery Project to install a wind turbine to power our joint offices in Callaway, Minnesota, on the White Earth Reservation. We share the building with an amazing set of groups up there and we actually work in the old elementary school, which requires quite a bit of power. The western edge of the reservation, where our offices are located, has excellent wind though. We've been planning to erect a 75 kilowatt refurbished turbine now for over a year and our plans are now coming to fruition. We put in the foundation last fall, and on July 2nd, we erected the 70 foot, 800 pound Nordtank tower. We'll be installing the Nacelle and blades this summer so stay posted for more information!


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