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We are committed to the understanding that Indigenous peoples are key in the work to address climate change and energy justice -- from our teachings and wisdom of thousands of years living within our cultural practices, to our strategic position in terms of renewable energy and retaining agro-biodiversity in a time of climate change. Our work is in restoring these knowledge systems and practices, strengthening consciousness, and creating the durable energy and food economies for Native America. The reality is that building a renewable energy economy on Native lands (and restoring local, non-industrial food systems and foods themselves) will not only help mitigate the climate change crisis but also address the poverty and social injustices that plague our communities.  We will continue to oppose the fossil fuel and nuclear economy, with your help. And we will support our communities to restore the Indigenous knowledge, foods, and ways of living for the next generations. The technology and the wind and solar resources exist to transform a highly inefficient and exploitative energy production system into one that is safe and clean, a transformation that would signify an era of energy justice. 

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