Clean Air Act is Under Attack

By Nellis Kennedy-Howard - Detroit Lakes Tribune

As a member of this community and someone who enjoys our clean lakes and air, I’m very concerned about the health and environmental effects of air pollution. With energy companies such as Otter Tail Power burning coal so close to home (less than 60 miles to be exact), Detroit Lakes’ health is already being impacted by the many toxic particles that contaminate our air, fall into our rivers and lakes, and eventually end up in our food. So, it naturally disturbs me that Congress is planning to roll back our clean air protections as a favor to such big corporate polluters. This should also disturb you.

These attacks target the Clean Air Act, which guarantees that all Americans — especially the most vulnerable and rural — can live with air that is safe and healthy to breathe. As Minnesotans, we already know the importance of our waters. It is now time to act. We must call on Congressman Peterson who has been a strong leader in the state of Minnesota to take a positive stance on this issue to support clean air in our community. Currently, Congressman Peterson believes the Environmental Protection Agency should not be regulating greenhouse gases. These gases are the same elements that are linked to causing asthma, heart attacks and strokes.

Representing nearly half the land base of Minnesota, Congressman Peterson can make a difference for our air. In his district are various communities such as Detroit Lakes, White Earth, Mahnomen and of course, Fergus Falls. Only big corporate polluters benefit from attacking the Clean Air Act and we can’t let them profit from polluting our air.

We must convince Congressman Peterson that our air is worth protecting and should be prioritized above the polluter agenda.

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