STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH THE SANDPIPER PROCESS To see what documents have been submitted to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission click on this link to go to the edockets search page of the Minnesota Department of Commerce. (Here’s the link


The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Docket Numbers are: MPUC PL6668/PPL-13-474 for the Sandpiper Pipeline Route MPUC PL-6668/CN-13-474 for the Sandpiper Pipeline Certificate of Need When the browser loads, you’ll see a screen like this one.. Choose the drop down tab to the Left of Docket Number to “Select” the 13 for the “Year.” Next to the year enter the number 474 to see the information submitted so far for the pipeline routing process.


Once we begin the Certificate of Need process a separate search for documents will need to be conducted by using 473 as the Docket Number.

To subscribe for regular email updates about the Sandpiper go to the Registration Page at and click on “Register” to fill out a form with your contact information. Once you submit the form with your correct address, you will receive a confirmation email which gives you a temporary password and a link to follow to get started. After creating a new password, logging in will take you to a “Menu” page where you can select the “Manage My Subscriptions” link under “ e Service” to add new subscriptions. After confirming your email address by clicking “Go” you can select “New Subscription.” In the drop down list for the “Type of Subscription,” select “Docket Number.” Choose 13 in the first “-Select-“ drop down and enter 474 for the Sandpiper Pipeline Route and 473 for the Sandpiper Pipeline Certificate of Need. Hit “Add to List” and you’re ready to receive updates!

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