Music is powerful and Inspiring: Live Nahko performs "Honor the Earth"

Music is powerful and Inspiring especially when it is for our Mother Earth. We are truly grateful to Nahko and love this song, "Honor the Earth."

Nahko And Medicine For The People released their new song “Honor The Earth.” In honor of Earth Day, this track pays tribute to the Great Law Treaty at Lake Onondaga, which led to the creation of the Iroquois Confederacy. Based on principles of peace and formed consensus, “Honor The Earth” is from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Take Your Power Back,’ out May 15th.

Nahko debuted the song live at 4:30 AM (Singapore Time) on 23rd April in partnership with Honor The on the Instagram. Prior to the performance, Nahko hosted a Reddit AMA to answer fan questions about his new album, his passion for environmentalism and indigenous rights, and more.


“I’m incredibly proud of this song, as it’s been with me for many years now. I encourage you all to read about The Great Law of Peace from which I drew inspiration. This is definitely an anthem message for Earth Day! Honor the Earth, the Mother comes first, live in a good way for Her!”, says Nahko.

Nahko will also participate in Earth Day’s 50th anniversary initiative with a special performance of the song airing in their global Earth Day digital package. Additional participants include global calls to action from Prince Albert, Pope Francis, Andrea Boccelli and more. “In the midst of a global pandemic, Earth Day Live aims to spur collective action to protect our communities and our planet, through performances, conversations, and training sessions curated by climate activists,” the organizers told Rolling Stone.

For more information on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and this year’s initiative, visit Earth Day’s website here:

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