Emergency Rally to Stop a Legislative LINE 3 FAST-TRACK


Please join us tomorrow, April 6th, at 11am, at the MN State Capitol in St. Paul, for an emergency rally.  Enbridge and the MN Legislature are trying to push through a bill that would bypass the entire regulatory process for Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline, and shove another black snake down our throat. 


Photo: Rob Wilson Photography

For 4 years we fought the Sandpiper pipeline, and last summer we won.  We then followed Enbridge out to Lakota territory and fought alongside many of you in the historic siege at Standing Rock.   They tried to kill our sacred fire, but instead it is spreading across Turtle Island.  We are rising. 

We now turn our focus back to the Great Lakes, where Enbridge’s proposed Line 3 threatens to poison our lakes and rivers and wild rice, violate our treaty rights, and threaten our very survival as Anishinaabe people.  Communities across the North are standing up and fighting back. 

We have been fighting Line 3 for over 3 years now.   The State of Minnesota is currently writing an Environmental Impact Statement, and a permit decision is not expected until next spring, 2018.

But now the Minnesota legislature is trying to pass a law that would:

  • exempt all future oil and gas pipelines from the Certificate of Need, the only part of the state’s permit process that is able to stop the project, and
  • prohibit the regulatory agencies from considering alternative routes that don’t stop and start where Enbridge wants. 

UPDATE:  Today, Rep. Garafolo introduced a new amendment that would skip the EIS and the permit process entirely, and let Enbridge start construction this July!

They’ve included all these provisions in a huge Omnibus bill so that if they do pass it, and the Governor wants to stop it, he will have to veto an enormous bill with important funding allocations, and that would shut down important parts of the government.  

This is a clear attempt to bypass due process  – that there is no need for them, and that they threaten to destroy us.  It is our responsibility as water protectors to prevent this. 

We call on the MN legislature and Governor Dayton to reject this bill, which attacks some of Minnesota’s most essential environmental and social protection mechanisms in a shameless handout to foreign pipeline companies like Enbridge. This is a clear attempt to circumvent due process and avoid the truth about Line 3 and all pipelines.  Enbridge and their allies know they cannot demonstrate a public need for the project or justification for a new corridor through our best lakes and wild rice beds. The Ojibwe tribes stand united in resistance to Line 3 and any legislation that would give Big Oil carte blanche for ecological devastation, human health impacts, and Indigenous rights violations.


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