Energy Justice

willsun.jpgOur Energy Justice Initiative is designed to strategically and actively develop community infrastructure essential to a sustainable future in Indian Country. We are addressing the issue of energy policy as a means to democratize power production and create systemic change that advances environmental and social justice. Our overall strategy is two-pronged: while organizing around the adverse, disproportionate impacts of fossil fuel and nuclear power production on Indigenous peoples, we are engaged in implementing tribal and grassroots renewable strategies that will ensure a safe energy future.

The abundance of wind and solar resources on our reservations is astounding. Tribes have the potential to produce 15% of the country’s electricity with wind power, and the solar resources to power America 4.5 times over. Developing these renewable resources in a way that benefits the community, enhances dignity and builds resilience is our work. To this end, Honor is developing intellectual and technical knowledge on a grassroots level and partnering with our clean energy allies regionally and nationally to build infrastructure and capacity essential to a just, green future in Native America! Check out our Energy Justice publications

Current Partnerships

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center(RCREC) is a significant expansion of Lakota Solar Enterprise's solar energy training and manufacturing efforts on the Pine Ridge Reservation. RCREC is a one-of-a-kind educational facility where tribes from all over the nation can receive hands-on training on renewable energy applications from fellow Native American trainers. To date, over 150 tribal members have received training from LSE, with 40 earning their Solar Technician I certification from RCREC. With their new knowledge and skills, tribal members can return home to start beneficial renewable energy programs and businesses in their own communities.


We also partner with Yansa, Solar Energy International, and Juhl Energy to support a transition to renewable energy and sustainable tribal economies.

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