Line 3 Fast-track Update

Yesterday, April 6, 2017, hundreds of Water Protectors gathered at the State Capitol building in Saint Paul to protest the MN House Jobs and Energy Omnibus bill, including a last-minute amendment that would fast-track the Line 3 pipeline and allow Enbridge to bypass all regulation and start construction this July.  The bill also includes 2 other outrageous pipeline clauses:  one that would exempt all future gas and oil pipelines from the Certificate of Need permit (the only part of the State’s process which can actually stop a project), and one that would prohibit the regulatory agencies from considering alternative routes that don’t stop and start where the pipeline company wants.  

All 3 of these pieces of legislation were included in the bill approved by the MN House yesterday.  The Senate's version of the bill has already passed, but without any pipeline language included in it, so now the 2 different bills must be reconciled.  This will most likely happen in a conference committee, and the final version will be passed to Governor Dayton for approval.  



Fortunately, Governor Dayton has vowed to veto the House Jobs Bill provision that goes around the Public Utilities Commission in order to authorize Enbridge to build Line 3.

If the Governor does veto, he does so knowing that he is vetoing important funding allocations, and is shutting down important parts of the government. We must continue to put pressure on our Governor to reject the bill, which attacks Minnesotan communities and environmental protections. We cannot allow our state legislation to let Enbridge bypass due process in order to complete pipeline construction while public voices are silenced and the truth about Line 3 is continually concealed.

How can you help?

Write to Governor Dayton and urge him to move forward with his plans to veto this bill. Tell him that we will back him on the streets if he backs Minnesota’s interests in the people, and not Republican interests in pipeline profiteering. Advise him that while we do not want to see a battle similar to the one in Standing Rock here in Minnesota, we are willing to fight for our human, health, indigenous, and ecological rights.

As water protectors, it is our obligation to prevent Enbridge from breaking ground to begin Line 3.


Contact Governor Dayton: 

Telephone: 651-201-3400 
Toll Free: 800-657-3717 

130 State Capitol
75 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155




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