Get out the Vote

It’s time to vote.

Reports are coming out across the country about voter manipulation and disenfranchisement. According to the Native American Rights Fund, Native people are more than twice as likely as other voters to lack a form of identification acceptable under new restrictive state laws. And in the past few years, Native voters face more obstacles. On White Earth, we are working on breaking down those barriers with a PowWow the Vote to empower the Native vote in Minnesota

Let’s just say this: Most of the villages on White Earth do not have a ballot box. People were supposed to get mail ballots, often, however, residents are not registered, or have moved since the last election. Add to that the reduced rural postal service and you find this:  Residents of Callaway Ogema or White Earth must drive the 30 plus miles to vote in Detroit Lakes at the County Recorder’s office. To support the right to vote, Honor the Earth has put a Rock the Vote bus on the road, bringing tribal members into town to Vote. Despite some initial confusions and rejections at the county office, it seems that tribal voters, with a bit of persistence, can register and vote.  


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