Give to the MAX!

Support Honor the Earth on "Give to the Max Day"!

Today, Minnesotans are stepping up and opening their hearts to support the movements and organizations that mean the most to them.  Please consider supporting Honor the Earth and our efforts to protect all the sacred land, water, and life on Mother Earth.   We are living in a time of crisis but we are resilient and powerful.  Together we are leading a graceful transition to a just, green, restorative future.  

As you make your giving choices today, please keep in mind that nationally, less than 1% of foundation money goes to Native American groups, and a small fraction of that amount goes to reservation-based work.   We rely on your contributions to do our work fighting for social and ecological justice in Native communities.  Please, join us, and give to the MAX!

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If all our supporters skipped a cup of coffee a month and gave $3 to the movement, we would kick our dependency on foundations overnight.  

Also, get ready for the holiday season by purchasing our Pipeline Free Wild Rice or other delicious local food products from White Earth, on our merchandise page.  

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