Please submit your action (or questions!) directly via email to [email protected]

You can upload your photos/videos/statement or action-recap starting NOW through Sept 29th. The direct link to the submission portal is here.
2. In addition to the core  Honor the Earth team submission, we hope you will continue to share broadly via social media/website/listserve so that people across your network can rise up with us!
3. Please note that one simple action that many allies are taking is to sign and share the Women's Climate Declaration - we hope your team will take a moment to sign and introduce this to your network, as collected signatures will be going directly to world governments at COP21.
4. Here is a link to a recent article on women & climate in the context of the Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action -  we would be thrilled if you would consider sharing on social media as part of the outreach for Sept 29th

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We are calling for this worldwide women’s climate mobilization in light of the December 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP21, where world governments will work towards finalizing a climate agreement that will have profound impacts on our global trajectory. As a network of women for climate justice, we can and must stand up and act together to show public officials that the time has come to listen to the people's call for equitable, immediate, and bold action on climate change.

This Day of Action is an opportunity for women to mobilize and show our resistance efforts, expose false solutions to the climate crisis, demonstrate the many real solutions that are just and equitable, and honor frontline communities. Women are central to climate solutions and we want to show this as powerfully and colorfully as possible.

On September 29th worldwide allies are invited to hold local actions, which we will weave together via social media, shared images/videos, and print and digital news. 

Women's Earth and Climate Action Network


Women of the World Call for Urgent Action on
Climate Change & Sustainability Solutions 


"In our Anishinaabe prophecies this is called the time of the Seventh Fire. Long ago, our prophets told us that the time would come when our people would have two roads ahead of us: one miikina (or path) that is well worn, but scorched, and another path which is green. It will be our choice upon which path to embark.  This is where we are now, climate change.  We have built a highly dysfunctional and inefficient energy system, and we have built an economy based on conquest. Now we have used all the easily accessible oil but are trapped in an addiction to fossil fuels, so we are resorting to extreme violence in order to keep extracting.  We are interested in a graceful transition from this destructive economy and way of life, back towards land-based economics. We recognize the wealth of a land-based economy because we have lived it, and we will continue to work to keep these waters for wild rice, these trees for maple syrup, our lakes for fish, and our land and aquifers present for all of our relatives – whether they have fins, roots, wings, or paws.  It’s time to transition beyond our fossil fuel addiction to a just economy based on green jobs, renewable energy, and local organic food. It’s time to respect the treaties our ancestors signed and care for our land and water and cultures so that they remain healthy for our future generations. The time is now. Let us be the ancestors our descendants will thank." Winona LaDuke, Executive Director, Honor the Earth White Earth Nation, Minnesota, USA


Photo Credits: Winona & Faith Spotted Eagle, photo by Tomas Alejo East Lake Manoomin, wild rice by Sarah

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