Grantees 2019

Keepers of the Water

Food and Agriculture 

American Indian Community Housing Organization - Duluth, MN 

The Indigenous Food Expo will feature historic and cultural knowledge as it relates to products and source location of locally produced foods; food demonstrations and educational presentations; Indigenous food cooking demonstrations by The Sioux Chef Sean Sherman and Brian Yazzie; art activities and live music; physical activities like 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and Lacrosse; and food and educational/organization vendors. AICHO has implemented evaluation into the monthly pop-up events to determine increased knowledge of indigenous food system and engagement with healthy food practices. AICHO will design evaluation tools to gather data at the Indigenous Food Expo and analyze to determine if the activities increased community engagement and knowledge.

Indian Cultural Organization- Redding, CA 

Winter-run Chinook salmon are on the verge of extinction due to the Shasta Dam, water mismanagement, drought, habitat destruction and pollution. Run4Salmon is a 300 mile two-week prayerful journey and campaign that follows the salmon from the San Francisco Bay Delta to the McCloud River to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting waterways, restoring endangered salmon runs, defending sacred sites, and revitatlizing indigneous lifeways in the face of climate change. We do this through trainings, direct actions, community events, campus visits, concerts, film screenings, social media and ceremony. In the past 3 years we have built a base through social media of over 15,000 followers on facebook and instagram and have raised over $100,000 to complete the first phase of our Winnemem Wintu Salmon Restoration Project. Our work would not be possible without the support of our dedicated team of volunteers and organizers who've helped move this work along successfully.

Keepers of the Water- Alberta, Canada

The funds will be used towards the costs of the Keepers of the Water Gathering, July 18-20th, 2019 in the community of Wabasca, Alberta. This gathering is held annually in indigenous communities throughout the Arctic Basin and neighboring watersheds. We would like to put this portion towards the food which will be traditional, local food, that will feed 200 people for 3 days. We will hire local hunters/trappers to harvest the foods and local caterers to cook and prepare meals.

Youth and Education

Horse Spirit Society- Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD 

In 1998, Sung Nagi Okolakiciye, Horse Spirit Society, began offering 3 day horse camps and rides for children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This was done by a staff of Lakota volunteers. We provided the horses, supplies, food, and instruction. When donations were available, we used them to increase access to more children to participate in these rides. We conduct about 3-5 camps each year, with the hope to do more, depending on available funding. More than 75 children participate each year on average and are given exposure to our traditional Lakota horse culture. We estimate that we have taught approximately 500-700 children how to ride and we have introduced them to one of our most important Lakota traditions – the way of the horse.
We also develop and participate in traditional rides designed to encourage cultural pride and a sense of community throughout the Reservation. These rides include the Crazy Horse Ride in June, started in 1998, the Ride Across Our Homeland, which was first held in the Spring of 2008 and the Bigfoot Memorial Ride which is held in December of each year and has been ongoing since 1986. On average, each of these Rides attract between 150 – 200 people every year. These rides are not exclusive to residents of Pine Ridge. We invite and encourage people from any state, country and nationality to join us as long as they do so in a respectful, supportive way.
Slim Buttes Riders, Inc. - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD 
Funding will be used for their Gathering of the Tetewon Riders 2019 July 15th- Trailer day to Fort Robinson . Neb July 16th- ride from Fort Robinson to agate beds state park July 17th- ride from agate beds to Jay Em, Wyoming July 18th- rest day July 19th- leave Jay Em ride to Fort Laramie, Wyoming July 20th- culture activities and ceremonies July 21st- return home/ travel day
The purpose of the Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society is to provide educational, cultural and spiritual knowledge. We promote and support activities and programs for the health, strength and well-being of the community and future generations. Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society is a nonprofit org named after our grandfather. This grassroots organization is committed to caring for the members of the buffalo nation as relatives and learning from them. Our herd is located near Porcupine, South Dakota. The 900-acre pasture holds 41 head of Buffalo (adults and calves). The buffalo that are in our care are used as sustenance as well as for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. Our goal is to restore a respectful and spiritual relationship that we once had with the Buffalo nation so that our future generations can continue the ceremonies that make us strong.
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