Honor the Earth Supports Eco-Cheyenne

Honor the Earth is proud to be partnered with Eco- Cheyenne, in the continuing struggle of the Northern Cheyenne to keep their homeland safe. The Northern Cheyenne wish to keep Arch Coal from their sacred Tongue River and Otter Creek territory. They also continue their opposition to the Tongue River Railroad proposal at the Otter Creek. Its a bad idea, there is no train, and there is no mine.

This week, the Lummi people of the Salish Sea, have brought one of their totem poles on a journey, to the source of proposed coal .. The coal which is not going to be mined at Northern Cheyenne (and a similar project of Cloud Peak Energy at Crow. The coal is not for American markets, because there are no new coal plants. The coal is intended to be sold to Chinese markets, and needs a railroad and a port, which is proposed at Cherry Point at Lummi, The Lummi people do not want a coal port and the Northern Cheyenne do not want a coal mine. See Honor's work to oppose the coal railroad.

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