Indigo Girls Support Honor With Free Tickets For House Party Hosts

A Special Note From Indigo Girls

Honor is asking folks to host house parties to educate, inspire and raise funds for the important work they are doing in Native communities. They've made it easy by providing house party guidelines. We hope you can join us in our support for Honor the Earth.

From coal to oil, mining to drilling, their issues are everyone's issues. By hosting a house party, you'll be joining a network of activists from across the country, helping build an even larger network of citizens working to protect Native communities, their land and their futures. When you sign up to host a party, you'll also get a free copy of "Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action" to screen at your gathering.

To support Honor's outreach, we are offering two tickets to an Indigo Girls show to every house party host that successfully complies with Honor's guidelines and mentions this note. Plus, if you meet additional fundraising goals, we'll give you backstage passes to that show as well - email Luke at the address below to find out more! So, if you volunteer to host a house party between August 27 and November 1, we'll look forward to seeing you at an upcoming show.

You can learn more about Honor the Earth and the house parties here or by emailing Luke.

Amy & Emily

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