Senators and Grassroots Leaders Push Bill to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

We are honored that our Anishinaabekwe Tara Houska (Zhaabowekwe) was one of the leaders of a federal initiative to keep fossil fuels in the ground.   On Wednesday, November 4, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Jeff Merkley, and national grassroots environmental leaders held a rally and press conference to unveil major new legislation to combat climate change and keep fossil fuels in the ground on public lands.  This legislation would, for the first time, aggressively tackle the impact of oil, gas and coal extraction on federal public lands on climate change.  

We are extremely grateful for Tara's courage in speaking the truth about the disproportionate impact these fossil fuel projects have on indigenous communities, and the need to protect our Mother Earth and future generations.  Chi-miigwech for all your hard work, Tara.  You spoke eloquently and you represented our people well!  

"This is not some remote idea being fought on Capitol Hill, this is our lives. This is our children's lives. This is a fight for survival...when pipelines leak, we bear the burden....We have to fight for the seven generations. We have to fight for our grandchildren. We have to keep it in the ground.”   -Tara Houska




Watch the press conference here: (Tara Houska speaks at 24:00)

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