This is the NoDAPL Last Stand


Today, Tuesday February 7, the US Army Corps gave notice of intent to grant the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Mni Sose (Missouri River).  They are skipping the EIS ordered in December, and skipping the congressional notification period required by law.  This is a response to President Trump’s Presidential Memorandum directing the Corps to expedite approval of the project.  

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe will likely sue and ask for a temporary restraining order to halt construction while the legality of this decision is reviewed in court.  In the meantime, DAPL will likely start drilling immediately.  The media recently reported that DAPL says their "best case scenario" timeline is 83 days from easement to oil flow.


We, the Indigenous Coalition at Standing Rock, are calling for February 8th to be an international day of emergency actions to disrupt business as usual and unleash a global intersectional resistance to fossil fuels and fascism.  Connect with other struggles.  Think long-term movement building.  We are in this for the long haul.  

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has consistently asked for people to go home, and we understand this.  Regardless, water protectors remain on the ground at the Sacred Stone Camp, determined to stop the black snake, and we support them.  If you go, expect police violence, mass arrests, felony charges for just about anything, abuse while in custody, targeted persecution and racial profiling while driving around the area, etc.

We are calling for emergency actions all over the world. PLEASE, THIS IS OUR LAST STAND. 


We encourage groups across the globe to connect our prayers for the water with other fights against fascism and the domination of people and Mother Earth (deportations, muslim ban, attacks on labor, deregulation of wall street, other fossil fuel projects, censorship of the press and academia, etc).

Choose the target that is most strategic for building long-term collaborative resistance in your local area.  Potential targets may include:  city halls, federal buildings, army corps offices, ICE detention centers, banks profiting off DAPLsheriff's offices that have come to Standing Rock, labor union offices, sites of workplace struggle, etc.

Please visit to find or register an action wherever you are. Check out our world action map to join the mass distributed actions TOMORROW, February 8th.  


  • Rise with Standing Rock….against violations of sovereignty, crimes against Mother Earth, fascism, violation of law, etc.

  • Continue to elevate water protectors on the ground at Standing Rock 

  • Support Tribes’ request for TRO (Temporary Restraining Order)/injunction!

  • Police violence seems inevitable and mass casualties likely.   The only way to keep people safe is to do the EIS.  If not, any blood spilled is on Trump’s hands and the hands of the Corps.   


We are seeing a sharp escalation of State repression in recent weeks, and more mass arrests seem inevitable.  Legal defense funds, although significant, are insufficient.   Over 700 water protectors already face charges, many of them felonies.   Please contribute to the legal defense fund today, managed by our partners at The Freshet Collective.    


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