Enbridge Intervenes In Suit To Block Minn. Pipeline Project


In Other News, Enbridge Intervenes in Federal Court in Line 3 Challenge of US
Army Corps of Engineers Permit

As of Friday, January 8, 2021, The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF)
has dropped Enbridge Energy as a Sponsor. The Wisconsin organization said its
membership objected to the incompatibility of Birkie’s “Green goals” and
Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipelines.

Since December, Enbridge has plowed into Minnesota with Line 3 construction
during a pandemic and increasing concerns around climate from carbonloading systems like Enbridge’s tar sands pipelines, originating in Alberta, Canada.

• Birkie Web Link about the Announcement:


• Partial Birkie Statement from the Organization:

Recently, we heard from some in the Birkie community regarding our relationship
with Enbridge Energy, Superior, WI. From the onset, our mutual engagement was
intended as a space to foster thoughtful discussion about the environment and
climate change. With our commitment to Birkie Green, an initiative designed to
inspire and implement solutions to address changing climates, it was our hope
that as a community we could collectively create change, over time, toward
less reliance on fossil fuels in our everyday lives.

We’ve taken pause to reconsider our relationship with Enbridge Energy and
have chosen to dissolve our agreement. In hindsight, we realize that this
association was perhaps not a clear pathway to engaging conversation in
support of education, future change, and ultimately our greater Birkie Green
initiatives, nor was it in alignment with our American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation
(ABSF) mission. For that, we are sorry. We never intended to cause concern
within the Birkie community.

In Other News:
• According to Enbridge has intervened in Federal Court in the Line 3
Challenge of US Army Corps of Engineers Permit calling for a halt to
current and future construction and the need for a satisfactory
Environmental Impact Statement –SEE BELOW

• According to a Giniw Collective news release posted on the
organization’s Facebook page on January 11, 2021, hundreds of water
protectors protested on Saturday near Palisade, Minnesota, with 8 arrests,
bringing the total number of arrests so far to 52.:


Minnesota Public Radio Report:

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