Native Texans Oppose Dos Republicas Mine

This Native-led action raises the voice of the Earth and her people who object to the desecration of the land, air, and water.  The Dos Republicas Coal Mine is destroying the ancestral homelands of many Native groups, thus damaging our sacred lands and over 100 archaeological sites.  The mine also threatens the drinking water supply, plants, animals, and the environment of the entire region.

The Native peoples of Texas are united in the protection of our Mother Earth.  Please join the thousands of Eagle Pass residents who have signed-on in opposition to the Dos Republicas Coal Mine by walking with us on April 16th.  This is a Native-led action, but all respectful allies are welcome and encouraged to participate.

April 16th ! starting at 10:00 AM Gather at the International Bridge

10:30 AM March to Dos Republicas Mine

1:00 PM Gather at Dos Republicas mine – County Road 305, Eagle Pass, TX

The distance is about 8.5 miles. There will stops along the way, a shuttle available, food and water provided


The proposed Dos Republicas coal mine is a lose/lose scenario for Texas.

The people of Texas do not support destroying our homeland to ship coal to Mexico, where the low environmental standards will send pollution back into Texas. The mining process will pollute the water, destroy the land, threaten wildlife and cause air pollution, light pollution and sound pollution to the city of Eagle Pass. Thousands of individuals have signed in opposition to the mine, including the City of Eagle Pass and Maverick County. However, the threat to 25,000 acres of Texas is still a possibility.

What is an 8-year mining operation worth to the people of Eagle Pass?

This is one of the oldest historical human settlement areas in all of the Americas and ancestral territory to many Native Texans. More than 100 archaeological sites would be threatened with destruction by dynamite blasting, surface mining and chemicals (nitrification) which are highly corrosive under ground will completely will destroy sacred burials, sacred artifacts.

Strip mining has resulted in destruction of many miles of streams across Texas and many acres of wetlands. This area of Texas desperately needs to conserve and protect water – this mine would make both impossible. The burning of Texas lignite coal has resulted in contamination of waterways and fish with mercury. This poison will threaten the rivers and anyone who uses them for food, sport or recreation and drinking water.

Strip mining also creates coal dust that blows onto the property of nearby landowners, and near-constant noise pollution from the operation of mining equipment and mills.  The proposed mine would contribute to the main source of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.

Do not let this mine happen in Texas. The city and the county oppose it.  The people oppose it.  It will destroy wildlife, water and over 100 archeological sites. This is sacred ancestral land - it is not for sale!

Voice your opposition to the destruction of our land.

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Native Sign-on Letter in Opposition to the Dos Republicas Coal Mine 


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