NoKXL!!! Great Links and Resources to Help Fight Against Tar Sands

Please distribute these resources and links widely. These links are all focused on the many concerns, actions, and impacts Native and First Nations have been raising in the push against tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Talking Points:

  • The Keystone XL tarsands oil pipeline will cross the drinking water pipeline of the Lakota Nation. The Lakota Nation tribe passed legislation opposing KXL and called upon every Lakota people to defend the water. In the words of one member of the Lakota Nation: "We will defend the water. The federal government, Transcanada or whoever will defend the Keystone is going to have to put us in jail, or kill us."
  • The Oglala Sioux have passed a resolution through their tribal government to stop Keystone XL from entering their Treaty Territory
  • Native and First Nations up and down the pipeline route and in tar sands development areas oppose the pipeline and have pledged to defend their lands against it.
  • The tar sands development in Alberta infringes on First Nations treaty rights, imperils health and well being of First Nations communities, and destroys sacred lands.
  • First Nations in British Columbia have created a "wall of opposition" blocking pipelines from taking the tar sands to the British Columbia coast through their lands.
  • Indigenous Nations from across the United States and Canada and their Allies gathered at the “Gathering to Protect the Sacred From the Tar Sands and Keystone XL" in January and signed an International Treaty to effectively block the Keystone XL TransCanada Pipeline.
  • The U.S State Department has a legal obligation to honor the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie treaties by prohibiting the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, and any future projects which would enter Oglala Sioux land without tribal consent.
  • The U.S State Department has a legal obligation to stand against rights violations that have been occurring against First Nations communities at the hands of the Canadian government. The eradication of Cree communities and culture in the Tar Sands cannot be supported by the U.S State department.
  • The U.S State Department must acknowledge that the Tar Sands oil that would be transported through the KXL Pipeline was extracted though Canada breaking legally-binding treaties with First Nations communities.
  • The U.S State Department has a responsibility to call on Canadian officials to launch a thorough, full, impartial and independent investigation into the health impacts of Tar Sands extraction, and hold involved parties responsible for the health crisis that is underway in Northern Cree Communities.
  • The U.S State Department has a responsibility to Native communities, and all of its citizens to say no the poisoning of our sacred waters by leaking and broken pipelines. Investigation into KXL planning would reveal unavoidable contamination of the Oglala Aquifer, among other key bodies of water.


Sample Tweets:

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  • First Nations in the Tar Sands report rise in rare cancers and autoimmune diseases. I stand WITH them. #noKXL [ (or other link)]
  • Stand with Native and First Nations: Tell the State Department #NoKXL [ (or other link)]
  • Only a few days left to stand w/ Native and First Nations. Tell the State Department #NoKXL [ (or other link)]
  • #TarSands and the KXL Pipeline come at the cost of clean air, sacred water, and 1000s of years of culture. #NoKXL [ (or other link)]
  • #TarSands disproportionately devastatesFirst Nations & Native communities...aka environmental racism. #noKXL [ (or other link)]
  • #TarSands & KXL threaten our sacred water, & ways of life. I stand w/ First Nations and Native communities #nokxl [ (or other link)]
  • Say #NoKXL - Honor the Treaties, and the land will be protected for all. #wearealltreatypeople [ (or other link)]
  • I stand AGAINST KXL, I stand AGAINST environmental racism. I stand WITH First Nations and Native communities. #NoKXL [ (or other link)]
  • Native and First Nations say #NoKXL on stolen lands. No compromise. I stand with them. [ (or other link)]


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