Not Afraid to Look

The Northland has an opportunity to create a home for a piece from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, built to face Energy Transfer Pipeline. Now it's time to face Enbridge in Minnesota.

"As artists and civic participants we are invested in the vision of a global art movement that moves to shift the way popular culture responds to fear based paradigms within our societies. When social media and news focus on mirroring our individual and collective fears, our global societies are fear driven. We see that paralysis, indifference, and overwhelm alongside greed, anger, and hatred (polarization), are all ways that fear takes hold of people. This causes great harm to our communities within the States and across the Earth. We believe that (community driven) art has the power to shift the paradigms of fear."     

- Sculpture, Charles Rencountre        


Join us to stand with our relatives, our relations, our community. We all need clean water. Water is both a gift and a right. Honor the Earth is working with the artists Charles Rencountre and Alicia De Silvia to bring the monument in or near Duluth.


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