Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline!!

In one of the biggest victories ever for the environmental movement, on Friday November 6, President Barack Obama announced that he has rejected the application from Canadian company TransCanada to construct the Keystone XL pipeline.   This is a historic victory for our Mother Earth and a huge step in the transition to a just, green future based on renewable energy.   It shows what is possible when we come together across the lines that divide us, and form a powerful diverse grassroots movement.  Congratulations and many thanks to the countless people who have been fighting this battle for the last 7-8 years!!!   It has been an honor to stand with you. 

This is the first time a President has rejected a fossil fuel project based on its impact on climate change.  His decision sets an important precedent that will send shockwaves through the industry.  Because if its wrong to build KXL because of its impact on our Mother Earth, then its wrong to build any new fossil fuel infrastructure, period.   Yes, this win against Keystone XL is just the beginning.   It proves that alliances between Native and non-Native people have the power to win these extreme extraction battles.  And it has helped to inspire countless other resistance efforts across the globe - against fracking wells, coal export terminals, pipelines, and bomb trains.  The movement is growing!

For many, the battle now moves to the Great Lakes, home to multiple new crude oil pipeline proposals.  We must take time to celebrate this victory, and then get back to the long road ahead, stopping Enbridge and protecting our land, water, climate, and ways of life from the threats of extreme extraction.  Together, anything is possible.   Enbridge has unlimited money but we have different kinds of power, and when we fight we win.   Love water not oil.   

Read a beautiful response from many of the tribal, grassroots, and treaty leaders that stopped it!


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