A fight is brewing over an oil pipeline and it's pitting Native groups against Big Oil


(Tania Aubid says Enbridge Line 3 poses a threat to drinking water for millions.Kailani Koenig / NBC News)

A fight is brewing over an oil pipeline and it's pitting Native groups against Big Oil
“Sixty-eight-million people rely upon this water that comes from up here in Northern Minnesota, and it goes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico,” one water protector said.

Tara Houska and several others were arrested Thursday during a protest at one of the Enbridge construction sites. 

“We've had over 200 people arrested fighting Line 3 over the winter,” she said before she was taken into custody this week. “Through the cold 30-below zero, you got people crawling into pipes, risking their actual safety, fighting for the future.”

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Tara Houska  ᔖᐳᐌᑴ  tweeted her experience:



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