Resilient Food and Energy Economies


We are hard at work nurturing resilience in our Indigenous communities who are faced with daunting environmental and social realities. Resilience Theory is a discussion in academic and environmental arenas about how communities and societies will adapt to climate change. We understand that we must mitigate climate change and adapt, or we will be in a very difficult place as Indigenous peoples. We are supporting resilience in our communities through our grant making program, the Native Communities Program, and through education, outreach and training. Our Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities Initiative focuses on two areas:



Food Sovereignty and Energy Justice.

In specific, we will fund:
  1. Restoration of Indigenous food systems in Native communities, and
  2. Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Native communities. We work to support and forward the development of culturally-based, indigenous solutions to climate change and peak oil based on re-localizing food and energy economies. We also hope to foster restoration of traditional knowledge as a key adaptation and mitigation strategy to ensure a safe and healthy future for our children and the next seven generations.

We are funding grassroots Indigenous organizations focused on creating food security utilizing Indigenous varieties and organic production as well as Indigenous groups and projects implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies at an appropriate scale to support dignity in the community.  Honor the Earth combines this work with an ongoing educational and outreach effort aimed at creating the political and social will for the restoration of sustainability in Indigenous territories.

We are collaborating with Kalliopeia Foundation and Frances Fund on a grant-making initiative entitled Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities. This initiative focuses on re-localizing sustainable energy and food economies as a means to mitigate climate change and nurture cultural and spiritual restoration.

To apply for a grant, please visit our grants page.

Energy Justice

Food Soverignty

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