Supporting "Sacred Stone Spirit," camp - No Dakota Access

They are already digging and laying out pipe just 300-400 yards from the Camp of the Sacred Stones frontline. Once they get the permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, they will start boring for that river crossing (maybe in 1 month or so).

Honor the Earth team and others are heading out this weekend to continue assisting with the blockade and camp needs with a boat for easy access for travel back and forth to the camp area. Miigwech to those who donated. The battle has begun, and still continues.

Without consent or permit, they started digging

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Coming up June 11th 
- True Roots: A Benefit Show for the Water Warriors

Article: " ....Officials shut down construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline immediately after objectors at the Sacred Stone Spirit Camp on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation raised a “human shield of prayer” here May 24, to protect against the project."

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chair Dave Archambault II applauded Iowa’s decision, saying the cause of the stop-work order“is representative of a tribal apprehension regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline: the destruction of important cultural and historic sites.“May this event serve as a reminder, for all concerned parties, to slow down, take proper precautions, and respect our environment,” he said.

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