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This is the Official online shop for Honor the Earth (www.honortheearthmerchandise.com). Proceeds go toward our initiatives to protect sacred lands, stop extreme fossil fuel extraction at the source by supporting frontline Native communities, and to cultural revitalization initiatives. Your purchase supports our work ... Miigwech! 

Here are our TShirts we have available  

Click here > No Pipelines, No Tankers, No Enbridge, No Problems Hoodies


Click here> Girl Standing "Love Water Not Oil" Ladie "V" Neck Shirt

Click here > Girl Standing "Love Water Not Oil" Hoody


Click here > #LoveWaterNotOil Thunderbird Tshirt

Please support us to protect our wild rice:  

"... uniquely native to these lands, is the first food given to our children, and the last foods for our elders. “Manoomin” (wild rice), a gift from our Creator to sustain life, the food that grows on the water, a gift that is sacred and culturally significant to the Anishinaabeg people. We are sharing our sacred gift with you."

Click here >“Pipeline Free Manoomin

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