Honor the Earth announces 3 new team members!


Tara Houska, National Campaigns Director 

Tara is a citizen of Couchiching First Nation and a tribal attorney based in Washington, D.C. She was born and raised in International Falls, Minnesota, and was a triple major at the University of Minnesota, where she also earned her law degree. Since completing her studies, she has exclusively advocated on behalf of tribal nations at the local and federal levels.

Her work has incorporated traditional knowledge and values, as Tara is a long-time student of Midewiwin. Her environmental justice efforts have ranged from grassroots organizing and media work to clerking for the White House Council on Environmental Quality. 

She is a co-founder of Not Your Mascots, a non-profit committed to educating the public about the harms of stereotyping and promoting positive representation of Native Americans in the public sphere. Tara is dedicated to mino bimaadiziwin.  

Follow Tara on Twitter: @zhaabowekwe


Korey Northrup, Great Lakes Organizer

Korey is a single mother of 2 precious young girls, a student at the University of Wisconsin Superior, and an enrolled member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.    

She is the President of the Native Nations Student Organization at the University of Wisconsin.  Recently, she embarked on the long journey of decolonization, starting with her language, her foods, and her ways of thinking.   

Korey feels the love and support of her ancestors and is honored to continue their struggle for survival, justice, and the protection of Mother Earth and all her relatives.  She fights for the water and for the seventh generation. 


Pam Mahling, Special Projects, and Development Associate

Honor the Earth also wishes to announce that we have hired a special projects and development associate, Pam Mahling, from New York Mills, Minnesota. Mahling has extensive experience in development and project management, and is taking a lead on the Honor the Earth portfolio of renewable energy and jobs, focused on tribal communities in northern Minnesota. Pam has extensive experience in economic development, clean energy, and project management, and is taking a lead on the Honor the Earth portfolio of renewable energy and jobs, focused on tribal communities in northern Minnesota. Pam purchased a farm in New York Mills, Minnesota over 2 decades ago and has been steadily restoring the land to health while experimenting with ways to reduce her environmental footprint. Over those years she’s also served as a volunteer for the Great American Think-Off, a national philosophy event in northern Minnesota. She has one daughter and a new baby granddaughter to inspire her work.


Cecelia Rose LaPointe Special Projects, and Development Associate

Cecelia Rose LaPointe is an Ojibway/Métis who is a part of Kchiwiikwedong (Keweenaw Bay Indian Community) and is Ajijaak (Crane) Clan.  She is the Owner of Red Circle Consulting, which specializes of community engagement work, outreach, presentations, projects, and workshops. The core focuses include: building bridges, expanding awareness, and creating understanding around often difficult and complex issues. The goal is to meet challenges with solutions that are aligned with healing and justice.  She is also the Founder and Owner of Waub Ajiaak Press.  Additionally, she is a poet and writer published anthologies, booklets, chapbooks, dissertations, journals, magazines, and online Indigenous-Native publications.  Cecelia is skilled in collaborative processing and transformative strategies to bring healing and justice within marginalized communities and populations.  She has a deep passion and commitment to healing, recovery, and sobriety/wellbriety in our Anishinaabe communities. 

Cecelia Rose LaPointe, MA
Owner - Red Circle Consulting & Waub Ajijaak Press
Author, Poet & Writer
 - www.anishinaabekwe.com
Phone: (248) 802-8630


Sarah, LittleRedfeather Kalmanson,  Creative: Graphics, Marketing and Media  

Sarah, LittleRedfeather (Miskwaaens Migiziwiwan) is a mother of two children and a Graphic Designer - Marketing Entrepreneur who launched LittleRedfeather Design in 2007. An artist and activist, Sarah is the eldest daughter to an Anishinaabe human rights and environmental activist who originates from White Earth Nation & Lac Court Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. In 2009, LittleRedfeather launched We Live Native™ Collection - Global lines connecting passions through fashions to honor and protect Mother Earth and preserve Cultural Heritage. Sarah has been passionate about expression through sharing visions via art and fashion. She hopes to make a positive and spiritual and honorable impact through out all communities. Its "Expressing Passion Through The Inner-Drums" campaign is focused on promoting education and achieving change in cultural stereotyping and mascots. In 2012, Sarah became a partner in Solidarity with the #IdleNoMore Movement against environmental harms facing Wisconsin and the greater planet. Idle No More continues engage in protection of Mother Earth for Future Generations. 

She is a founding member of Not Your Mascots.


Thane Maxwell came on as our Community Organizer and support staff in the Twin Cities, Nicollette Slagle joined as a Researcher and Technical Advisor, and Don Wedll joined as our Policy Associate.   

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*photo credit Tara Houska: Ayşe Gürsöz; photo credit Korey Northrup: Shawn Carr 

photo credit Sarah LittleRedfeather: Todd Thompson

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