The Militarization of Indian Country AVAILABLE NOW from Michigan State University Press

Winona LaDuke on the Warriors of Peace, the Ogichidaag

“In this book, I consider the scope of our historic and present relation­ship with the military and discuss economic, ecological and psychological impacts. I then examine the potential for a major transformation from the US military economy that today controls much of Indian Country to a new community-centered model that values our Native cultures and traditions and honors our Mother Earth.”

--Winona LaDuke

(from the Foreword, The Militarization of Indian Country)

“…The Militarization of Indian Country reflects a resurgence of the classic warrior perspective in the great spiritual traditions of Indigenous warriors. While The Art of War is unmatched in its Taoism principles, the fundamen­tal concepts of this book are the strategies of Indigenous warriorism infused with the key elements of craft wisdom. Therefore, The Militarization of Indian Country is not only a book about the philosophical warrior, but it’s a book about Winona LaDuke’s love for the Warriors of Peace—Indigenous ways of knowing for understanding the roots of racism, violence, conflict, resolution and reconciliation.

“My sincere hope is that this book will be read widely, as it certainly deserves to be read, and that the ideas of the warrior philosopher addressed herein will be appropriated by all human beings.”

Cornel Pewewardy, D.Ed. (Comanche and Kiowa)

Director and Professor of Indigenous Nations Studies
Portland State University

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