Winona LaDuke speaking on Lummi Environmental Issues at Northwest Indian College

Winona LaDuke Spoke at Northwest Indian College this week. Along with Chief Rueben George and Jewel James. The speakers discussed the topics of environmental justice, human rights, preservation of sacred indigenous sites, and global efforts to protect the environment. They also spoke about the proposed Cherry Point shipping terminal, which Lummi leaders have said they are opposed to because of environmental concerns and the cultural significance of the area.

From Winona: I was honored to be at the Lummi reservation yesterday, supporting the to keep their beautiful water and geoducks free of more contamination. The Lummi and the people of Bellingham are facing a big coal terminal to ship Crow Nation and Powder River basin coal to China. The coal terminal would contaminate the water and land from Crow to Lummi. These are some beautiful people and a beautiful land and water. We have the opportunity to do good things,we can keep the land and water safe for the generations to come.

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