WWE Raw Results 19th October 2015

With a bevy of legends in Dallas, the night still belonged to the young guns on the last WWE Raw before Hell in a Cell. WWE misfired with its usage of Steve Austin, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Having names like that on the show should have led to classic moments, not three underwhelming segments. Even with Hall of Famers at every turn, the discussion following the go-home Raw will be about the men who once comprised The Shield and the suddenly larger Wyatt Family. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt's upcoming bout earned the spotlight, and the energy in American Airlines Arena when they went to battle in six-man action is an indication of how right that move was. The Hell in Cell card was down one match wwe raw 10/19/2015 by the end of the night. Randy Orton is injured (within the storyline at least), taking his bout off the event. Instead, fans are set to see John Cena defend the United States Championship in an open challenge at Hell in a Cell. How well did WWE do in advancing the narratives of that pay-per-view? How captivating was the violence and trash-talking that unfolded in Big D? The following is a look at those questions, complete with highlights and letter grades. Steve Austin stepped under the Raw spotlight for the first time in years, but it only lasted a few moments. Stone Cold talked up his time in Dallas, plugged his podcast and introduced Undertaker. He slipped out as Undertaker approached through a blue-tinged fog. The Deadman spent his mic time promising to hurt Brock Lesnar. He was not alone for long. With Lesnar pacing beside him, Paul Heyman laid out the stakes of the upcoming Hell in a Cell bout, saying that Undertaker lusted for revenge. His client ignored his orders and headed to the ring for a staredown between two titans.

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