LN3: The Fight Goes On from Nine Muses on Vimeo.

How Long are we going to let others determine the future for our children. Are we not warriors?  When our ancestors went into battle they did not know what the consequences were going to be. All they knew was that if they did nothing, things would not go well for their children Do not operate out of a place of fear, operate from a place of hope. With hope everything is possible. The time is now.

-Crazy Horse

In our Anishinaabe prophecies, this is called the time of the Seventh Fire. This is a time when our people will have two roads ahead of us - one miikina, or path, which is well-worn - but scorched - and another path which is green. It will be our choice upon which path to embark.  That is where we are.

Honor the Earth uses indigenous wisdom, music, art, and the media to raise awareness and support for Indigenous Environmental Issues.  We leverage this awareness and support to develop financial and political capital for Indigenous struggles for land and life.

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